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Year 4
Bright Light Education offers private tutoring to primary school children in West London, including preparation for the 11+ examinations. We are experienced primary school teachers and are based in Hanwell and Putney.
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One-to-One Sessions

Year 1
We tutor primary school children of all ages 1 : 1 in our homes. This includes offering both maths and English support, as well as preparing children for the 11+ examinations.
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Homeschooling front cover
We run home-schooling sessions in both Hanwell (Ealing) and Putney for children aged 7-12. We teach English (creative writing, comprehension and drama) as well as maths. We can teach up to 6 children in a group.
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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

11+ One-Off Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer one-off small group English and maths workshops based in Putney and Hanwell, for children working towards their 11+ examinations. Within these sessions, we teach children all the vital skills needed in order to be able to tackle English and maths 11+ examination papers.
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11+ Grammar Schools

English 11+ Workshop
From mid-August-September, we run 'mock-exam' style sessions for children taking Grammar School Entrance Exams.
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11+ Secondary School Guide

City of London School
Wondering how you will choose the right secondary school for your child? This guide is the perfect place to start. It lists and describes virtually all the independent secondary schools in and around London and offers an easy way to compare the schools with an at-a-glance chart showing location, academic results, fees and other important criteria.
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What People Say

What real people say about Bright Light Tuition


"In such a short time, I have learned so much about comprehension. I’ve always found language analysis hard but now it seems as easy as kicking a football."


"Charlotte is an amazing tutor who made a remarkable difference in Tireni's English comprehension and writing skills. My daughter started with Charlotte in September 2016, just before her 11+ exams in January 2017. Within 5 months, my daughter grew in confidence and her concentration improved dramatically. Charlotte was patient in explaining and teaching my daughter and at the end of each lesson I got an email from her updating me about how the lesson went and areas where Tireni needs to improve. Charlotte also ran Workshops for the 11+ which were amazing and Tireni gained a lot from the whole process. Also with Charlotte's help Tireni got offers from six independent schools and now she will be attending Putney High in September 2017. Due to my experience with Charlotte tutoring Tireni I have enrolled my younger with her. I just want say thank you so much for your effort and you definitely made a huge difference with my daughter Tireni."


"We are very grateful to have been introduced to Mrs. Okumura with regards to tutoring our daughter for the 11+ exams. My daughter's understanding of Maths has increased significantly and rapidly. Danielle is an excellent tutor, very patient, professional and firm. As a result of this, her confidence has increased phenomenally and she was able to pass her exams with very high marks to top independent schools from Ealing and beyond. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mrs. Okumura's services to anyone looking for a very friendly, professional and caring tutor. Thank you again for everything!"


"I would really recommend Bright Light Tuition. The teachers are so helpful and kind. I have learned a lot of new things."


"The Interview Practice Workshop was amazing. We learned so much about how to behave and how to deal with unexpected questions. It was wonderful!"


"The Creative Writing Workshop was a brilliant day. It was really fun because we learned a lot of writers' tricks. We also did a writing test and a continuation which you would get in an exam. This workshop is amazing and so are Danielle and Charlotte."

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